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Chicago Supervising Electricians Exam Preparation

The Chicago Supervising Electricians License is the gold standard for electricians in Illinois. Based on one of the most stringent electrical codes in the country, the Chicago electrical license is recognized throughout much of Illinois and therefore allows electricians to pull permits and contract to do work in the city and surrounding suburbs. Electricians are challenged by multiple choice questions addressing key topics specific to the Chicago electrical code. The ability to interpret test questions, perform math calculations, and reference the relevant articles in the Chicago Electrical Code book within the allotted time are at the foundation of a passing score.

Chicago electrical exam seminars offer self-paced learning in small seminars. Advance testing customizes the seminar to your needs and is then combined with the unique approach used in our seminars. This method provides a balanced yet thorough preparation to help you learn in the manner, and at the pace that is best suited to your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Advance testing to determine your preparation needs
  • Coverage of Chicago exam topics and codes
  • 95% first time passing rate and guaranteed unlimited free repeat
  • Unique personalized preparation methods
  • Daytime and evening sessions

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